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Episode 4: Tales from the PR Client Side

Episode 4: Tales from the PR Client Side

In this episode, I speak with Dan Prince, a B2B PR and marketing pro who achieved success at companies like Accenture, Alliant, Deloitte, Marsh, and Willis for over 20 years before launching  his own shop, Prince Communications.

Dan discusses his career at length, and lessons from the client side that helped him grow as a PR professional and agency owner. It is a great POV, because Dan worked with many PR agencies, and managed teams that were responsible for PR and marcom.

We cover topics such as:

  • Does agency size matter?
  • How not to pitch a PR prospect
  • Measuring and reporting results
  • Connecting PR and marcom to sales
  • How to keep programs on track
  • Setting and managing internal stakeholder expectations

You can listen to the podcast on all major platorms, including Spotify.

Check out the video on our YouTube channel.

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