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Episode 6: PR on a Global Scale, with Tina Loncaric

Episode 6: PR on a Global Scale, with Tina Loncaric

In this episode, friend and former colleague Tina Loncaric speaks with PR,Done & Doner host Jordan Chanofsky about how to achieve success with international PR programs. Originally from Sweden, Tina began her PR career in the US at Fusion PR. Since then she has gone on to achieve success for a range of agencies, nonprofits and tech companies, in roles that have taken Tina from Texas, to London, Croatia and Silicon Valley. She currently is a Global PR Manager for Agora.io, the leading video, voice and live interactive streaming platform.

Tina shares great tips from her experiences managing PR programs around the world, as well as funny anecdotes (e.g., about getting meida tips from a camel herder in Cairo). You can listen on Spotify, and all popular podcasting platforms; or watch the video on our YouTube channel.

In a wide ranging conversation, Tina answers questions such as:

  • The difference between PR in the US and Europe
  • The role of culture in PR, for various geographies
  • How can teams adapt their approaches, press releases and messages?
  • How to be agile and go international without a massive budget
  • The importance of localization and nuances of translation
  • Do customer stories work beyond their home markets?
  • How to prioritize international efforts?
  • What are the potential barriers?
  • Do you need a large global agency or smaller shops in each region?

Thanks for coming on the podcast, Tina, and for sharing your insights!

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