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How Is Your Internship Search Going?

How Is Your Internship Search Going?

By Suzanne McGee, Internship Program Director (@mcgeepr)

Are you still looking for a fall internship? What was or is your plan to find one?

Yesterday’s New York Times ran an article entitled, “Unpaid Work, but They Pay for Privilege.” Reporter Gerry Shih looks at how some students are hiring services like University of Dreams to find an internship for the summer. While Fusion has hosted some great interns from this service, you can also look for your own spots if you are willing to put some effort into it. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Start With What You Want To Do – Not Where You Want to Intern: Sure, there are Web sites that specialize in internships – your college probably has one with lots of listings. Yes, many people want to intern at MTV or M&M/Mars, but what experience are you looking to gain? Sometimes just having a cool brand name on your resume isn’t enough. Think through what you want to learn and then let that determine what companies you select. This will help you better target your search and may even lead you to some companies that you might not have found.

  • What Are Your Resources? There are numerous spots where you can check out people’s opinions on who offers the best program or what companies are noteworthy. But, check out local newspapers (print & online) and as well as local blogs. Many BizJournals like the Boston Business Journal or the Dallas Business Journal publish all sorts of industry Top 10 lists that include everything from law offices to construction companies to PR firms. This is another way to find companies you haven’t heard of, but that may be a great fit for you.

  • Network, Network, Network: Ask your friends, parents or professors if they are aware of anyone looking for interns. Many businesses contact department heads at colleges to notify them of openings. Your parents or their friends may be aware of programs at their offices. Is there a professional in your neighborhood, church or area of government that you admire? Go talk to them to find out what they are doing and for whom. (This is how I got my first job!) People are always willing to help others in their internship or job search.

These are a couple of ways to expand your search. Do you have an experience that you’d like to share? Let us know. How did you find your internship? Have any tips to for fellow searches? Share ‘em here!

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