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What’s Your Web View?

What’s Your Web View?

By Suzanne McGee, Internship Program Director(@mcgeepr)

Before the explosion of social media, your potential employer had several ways to learn about you: the interview, resume and work references. It was a relatively simple way to get information about your past performance to determine how you would fit in the new environment.

But, with the advent of MySpace and Facebook, along with blogs and Twitter, most college students have another reference: the online world. What does yours look like? Have you Googled yourself? What do you see? What happens if a potential employer pokes around?

FAST COMPANY’s Kit Eaton takes a look at a new CareerBuilder survey. Take a moment to read through her piece, “If You’re Applying for a Job, Censor Your Facebook Page.” The survey finds that 45% of potential employers are checking social networks to see if they can learn more about you. What will they see?

Now is the time to make sure you are using your privacy settings to keep your private life private. All of these networks offer ways to control access to photos, walls, status updates, etc. Use them to ensure that your image is one you want to present to employers.

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