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Finding Time to Think

Finding Time to Think

By, Stephen Andrews, SVP Fusion NY, @stevebandrews

The New York PR agency environment can be a very intense and stressful place to spend the majority of waking hours. We work with clients in a business service role and anytime you combine a soft service with people who pay for that service and add in the deadline and those other pressures prevalent in a constant always-on news world, the potential to be moving too quickly is a very real danger.

What’s the danger of moving quickly, well nothing actually, it’s the things that begin to slide where the troubles appear. I’m not referring to small details being left behind or forgotten entirely, these are ever-present things we need to be cognizant of.  What I’m referring to are those moments of relative peace and quite that lend themselves so well to reflection and thought.

The real danger of moving too quickly is forgetting to take a pause and metaphorically breathe. I’ve been reading some of the recent blog posts by our interns Giles and Molly and it strikes me that one of the key pieces of general advice I could offer them or anyone in our profession is don’t ever let your daily schedule overwhelm your ability to take time to think. The best ideas I’ve ever had and seen from others come from outside the work environment, they are thought of at home, on the bike or jogging path, while playing a game or my personal favorite, lying about relaxing.

If we remember to slow down, take a breath and take a moment to pause and think our ideas will be fresh and new and we avoid the most dangerous of all PR traps, falling in to a reactionary mode of account service.

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