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Author: Jordan Chanofsky

The Urban Orbit

“We have touchdown.” 2019 accelerates an era in which space technology has been evolving. But something else is aloft.  Space tech is taking off.  Satellite technology has been advancing for many years.  But I’m seeing a shift from what we might express as ‘mission-control

A Brief View as a Vigitrust Advisory Board Panelist

Dublin-based Vigitrust provides solutions that help businesses comply with regulations in an increasingly complex global economy.  I recently participated in their annual advisory board symposium on compliance and cyber in Dublin.  The timing could not have been better for covering topics like blockchain, crypto and

The Success of Failure

When and How to Fail in 4 Easy Steps   Some people seem to do almost nothing wrong. These are the fair-haired children whose mistakes are seen as great learning experiences and blunders are written off as humorous folly.  Bill Gates was infamous for the “little green