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The Olympics Meet the Press

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern   During the Olympics, while most people are fascinated by Michael Phelps’ speed, Gabby Douglas’ flexibility and Claressa Shields’ strength, I am personally blown away by the media’s ability to keep track of the Olympians’ every move. With over 10,000 athletes from 204

Pledge Driving Down a Slippery Slope

By: Justin Finnegan, Senior Account Executive (@justinfinnegan)On October 25th, noted blogger and political reporter, Ana Marie Cox, was embedded with the McCain campaign, when she found herself in an unusual situation, her magazine, Radar, folded almost overnight. Despite the loss of Radar, Cox maintained a devoted

Outstanding Work Doesn't Go Unnoticed…

By: Bennie Sham, Account Executive, Fusion PR (@beesham)At Fusion, we don’t often like to pat ourselves on the back… BUT we do like to pat those of our team members. As a result of outstanding work for one of its mobile clients (and great positioning

The Research Wire-Trap

By: Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PR (@chrisamichaels)Recently I received an e-mail blast of a study conducted by a company that was obviously hired by a newswire service. It claimed that service XXX was so much better than the rest because it garnered more

Pitching the Big Wigs: What to say in your 7 seconds

By: Talia Andrews, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PRAh…building relationships with the big guys… a task that every PR professional has been intimidated by at some point in their career. Will you get hung up on? Yes. Will you get insulted? That depends…but most likely. Will

Using and Abusing Search to Your Advantage

By: Aamir Syed, Account Coordinator, Fusion PRThursday evening, Friday morning, Friday afternoon, and Friday evening was the time period where I was planning on celebrating a never-before comeback of a 1-3 deficit, winning another championship, and bringing the prized Larry O’Brien trophy back to Los