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The Olympics Meet the Press

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern   During the Olympics, while most people are fascinated by Michael Phelps’ speed, Gabby Douglas’ flexibility and Claressa Shields’ strength, I am personally blown away by the media’s ability to keep track of the Olympians’ every move. With over 10,000 athletes from 204

Q & A with Ted TV’s Ted Smits

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern Check out this link to Ted TV on How To Add Video to Your News Release Ted Smits met me in the conference room at Fusion PR dressed in a black tee and distressed jeans. He seemed remarkably relaxed for someone working on

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere!

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern We often hear stories of a friend of a friend not being accepted into his or her college of choice or not getting the job he or she wanted because of inappropriate Facebook photos, but we think these things only happen to


By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sftuxbvGwiU 20th Century Fox recently took the hype around the film Prometheus to another level with their eerie installation in the Saint-Martin subway station in Paris. The installation was arranged to resemble the alien world featured in the film, including a large blue

Facebook’s Fall from Grace

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern Privacy has always been one of Facebook’s largest issues, and most recently Facebook’s ‘Sponsored Stories’ feature has spawned a nasty and expensive lawsuit. ‘Sponsored Stories,’ described by Mark Zuckerberg as the ‘Holy Grail’ of advertising, is a feature that transmits users’ interactions

It's All About the Smartphone

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern It’s difficult to deny that our society is addicted to the Smartphone. In a recent New York Times article by Martin Lindstrom, “You Love Your iPhone. Literally,” Lindstrom compared our dedication or rather obsession with the iPhone to some people’s devotion to