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Who Wrote the Infamous Ketchum/FedEx Email?

By, Suzanne McGee, Account DirectorMany of you have seen the Ketchum/FedEx saga that is unfolding as a result of some Twitter posts from a Ketchum employee that negatively portrayed Memphis – hometown to FedEx, a client of Ketchum’s. Apparently an unnamed FedEx employee fired off

Lose the Spin Cycle Already

By: Stephen Andrews, VP, Fusion PR I have to admit, ‘spin,’ is one of those terms used both by PR pros and the uninitiated alike referring to what we do and what can be done to a particular unfiltered message, or

Public Relations is in need of some PR—myths about our field

By Tara Settembre, Account Manager, L.A.“Hold everything! The P.R. department just sent over this chart.”Published in The New Yorker January 15, 2007Sure it’s funny, but contrary to popular belief, PR is not about “spin” like this cartoon and so many other comments suggest.