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Conversational Blogging

By Nikki Black As a recent college grad, I can tell you that blogs have become the new reading journals- at least three of my classes last year required I keep a blog updated regularly with commentary pertaining to the course. The reasons for this are

The Sound of Silence… Part Deux.

By Sara Preto Emails, phone calls and the dreaded follow ups… oh, the joys of PR. We all fell into this industry for one reason or another but one thing is for sure, we can relate to this clever post from PR Daily. As someone who has

Talk the Talk: Why Having a Personal PR Plan is Important

By Laura Baumann, Intern In the world of public relations we strive each day to represent our clients or companies in the best way possible. All professionals are only as good as their reputations, and maintaining that reputation should always be a top priority. When I

IR and Social Media in 2010

The SEC is as Orwellian as you can get when it comes to full disclosure and holding companies liable for what they said. Thus, public companies and startups need to closely examine both the regulatory guidelines and rules for social media participation.

Positioning 101

Guest Post by Rebel Brown, Phoenix RisingPeople often ask me for a written version of my process. They assume I have a paint-by-numbers approach to creating the strategies, positioning and stories that are part and parcel of my consulting business.They couldn't be more wrong.There is