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Tech Words to Banish in 2022

Every year Lake Superior State University publishes a list of words that should be banished because they are so overused.  It’s based on thousands of submissions from around the world.  As reported in CNN. The 2021 list includes an interesting mix of words, from Gen-Z speak

The Pandemic Forever Changed these Words

It's hard to think of anything in our lifetimes that's so taken over our lives and attentions. We're all trying to adapt, with the best minds tackling the Covid health and economic crises, and focused on getting us back to work

Building Bridges to Media and the World in Jerusalem

I traveled throughout Israel over the past 10 days and visited many parts of the beautiful country. Each place was more awe-inspiring than the last. But Jerusalem really stood out, for its history, mix of cultures and religions, and sheer beauty. The Old City must be

MTV Wants you to be the Mayor of STD – I Don’t Think So

  By: Chris Michaels, Senior Account Manager, Fusion LA (@chrisamichaels) Normally, I’m totally “Gung-Ho” about supporting grassroots movements around causes - especially ones that have to do with public health, aid or relief efforts. If someone were to ask me, “would you help spread the word about

Message in a Box

By, Stephen Andrews, SVP, Fusion NY (@stevebandrews) I admit it, I have a thing for messaging.  Crafting and even more importantly testing these wonderful examples of creative thought against, well reality has become a bit of a guilty pleasure.  The true test of any message is