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SXSW '14: Lessons, Observations, Free Hugs and Hashtags

Last week I made it out to Austin, TX for the ever-so-popular South by Southwest (SXSW) conference. Big tech companies such as Yahoo!, Spotify, Samsung, Pandora and Vevo filled the streets and various venues throughout downtown Austin. If you’re not familiar with the setup of

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By Hannan Ben Slimane, Intern For my blog this week, I want you to be entertained but still talk about social media and how the Internet can be effective in our job. This semester for my advertising class, I had to choose a buzz campaign to

SXSW: For the Love of it

This is a short post following a week in Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest, one of the truest collisions of innovation happening anywhere on earth. Over the course of 10 days, the southeast corner of downtown Austin becomes a playground for forward thinkers of all