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Lamenting a Dying Career

Written by Mark Prindle   I couldn’t help but be curious when Yahoo! flashed the headline “Dying Careers You Should Avoid,” so I clicked on the link to read of such no-longer-in-demand positions as ‘Desktop Publisher,’ ‘Semiconductor Processor’ and ‘Auto Insurance Appraiser.’  And there it was –

Spare the hashtags part 2

By David Worthington It's amazing how quickly a tweet can turn viral. Real estate mogul, 'birther' and reality personality Donald Trump sent out a furious flurry of tweets last week after Deadspin's editors told him off in the most unflattering way imaginable. Trump's response made the story. "The

Tips I Picked Up From My Week at CES

  Last week I got the opportunity to attend my very first CES in Las Vegas, and I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive the days leading up to the trade show. However, I’m happy to report that I survived the week and picked up

Crises Happens

By Christina Roman, Intern So now you’re in Public Relations and you have all the basics down, so what happens when there is a crisis? All companies and public figures are susceptible to a crisis and you, as a PR expert, should know how to handle

Must Know Tips for Young Professionals

By: Christina Roman, Intern One of the many positive things that I’m getting from my time here at Fusion is the knowledge I’m soaking up just by searching and reading through Public Relations news articles. I’ve become all too familiar with many of the PR sites

Successfully Marketing your Brand through Blogs

By Christina Roman, Intern Blogs are becoming commonplace on the Internet. Many people have started one to get themselves noticed. Bloggers write about their day, express their feelings, talk about their favorite things and complain about things that make them upset. Blogs are an excellent way

How Brands Can Take Advantage of Instagram

Instagram, a photo sharing app that was recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion and topped Twitter in mobile engagement, has quickly grown to become one of the most popular social networking platforms with over 100 million registered users. What sets Instagram apart from other popular

Reality… And why it bites.

By Christina Roman, Intern So you've graduated college and are looking for a job, but your degree is not for your intended dream position. What do you do? I figured for my first blog post as an intern here at Fusion Public Relations I would discuss the shortcomings

The Internet: A PR Pro (and Shopaholic)’s Best Friend

By: Gabby Cox I recently came across an article on Mashable that really stuck with me, as it highlighted the importance of online PR and marketing practices: 45% of Shoppers Buy Items Online They Wouldn’t In Person [INFOGRAPHIC]. As a self-professed shopaholic who can spend an entire